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    Stephen Finafrock

    Dear Park Glen neighbors,

    The message below was sent to our community by the president of the Arlington Mill Civic Association. He is requesting your participation in planning process which is seeking to reintroduce a Farmers’ Market on the plaza at the Arlington Mill Community Center. By and large, support for a Farmers’ Market @ AMCC was included a survey of the neighborhood conducted recently. Many of you made suggestions on how to improve the Market. Now is your chance to become actively engaged and to see your suggestions discussed and debated on their merits.

    Make the case about the hours, which many felt ended to early in the evening for those traveling home from work outside of Arlington.
    Make the case about the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables being readily available and walkable within our neighborhood – on the verge of becoming a food desert according to the latest data available from USDA:
    Make the case that if done properly and of the right scale (with enough vendors to create the critical mass needed for success) plus creating a lively and exciting street-level event, the Market will attract patrons from neighborhoods nearby like Arlington Mill, Barcroft, Columbia Forest, the western half of Douglas Park, and beyond!

    The message from the CA follows immediately below. If you have questions or would like to participate, simply attend the next meeting of the Work Group on Thursday, OCtober 6, 2016 at the AMCC or email him at:

    A working group is forming among residents of the west end of Columbia Pike to develop recommendations to CPRO for establishing a successful farmer’s market at the Arlington Mill Community Center plaza. I am hopeful that representative of Park Glen will participate in this process. Our next meeting will Thursday October 6 at 7pm, at AMCC. The plan is for this process to be completed by December 15 2016.

    Please let me know if you have any questions

    Thank you for your time and attention to this item which is important to the neighborhood!!

    Stephen Finafrock
    President, Park Glen Condominium UOA

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